Dr. Rodriguez in the Media

As a board certified and Yale trained Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Rodriguez has been interviewed by both consumer magazines and Plastic Surgery trade publications. He has appeared in articles about plastic surgery on numerous occasions in Baltimore Magazine. The plastic surgery trade journals, Plastic Surgery News and Cosmetic Surgery Times have featured his comments about various procedures on several occasions.

Throughout Dr. Rodriguez' training, he co-authored and published many articles about wound care and breast reduction. While teaching at Yale University Medical School, he also conducted research on skin grafting with Dr. Charles Cuomo.

In 1991, Dr. Rodriguez was a featured TV guest discussing Breast Surgery on 'The Cristina Show', a television talk show syndicated throughout Latin and South America. During his 1987 Fellowship in Head and Neck Oncology at the Royal Marsden Hospital in London, England, Dr. Rodriguez was invited to a special dinner with Princess Diana, The Princess of Wales. The invitation now hangs in his Baltimore office consultation room.

He has appeared in regional radio talk shows discussing Single Vertical Scar Breast Reduction. Additionally he made a TV appearance on Maryland Public Television (MPTV) to discuss the silicone implant controversy.

Dr. Rodriguez has been profiled by several glossy publications on the topic of the Brazilian Butt Lift, the procedure which uses your own adipose fat to make buttocks perky and more prominent.

Related to his research in Adipose Stem Cell therapy and leadership role in the ICMS, (International Cellular Medicine Society),  Dr. Rodriguez was interviewed by Business Week in 2012.


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Article Discussing the Brazilian Butt Lift Technique, “Move Over Fat”

Baltimore Magazine, 2005.

“Silicone Implants: Are they Back?”

Baltimore Magazine, 2005.

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“New Techniques for Breast Reduction"

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Maryland Public Television, November 2006.

Lifting the Ban on Silicone Breast Implants

Retirement Living, 2006.

Healthline Segment on the Abdominoplasty Procedure

Maryland Public Television, November 2003.

Discussion of safety of silicone breast implants

“The Cristina Show” (Latin American Talk Show), 1987.

Liposuction and Plastic Surgery

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EN Today

Article on the Endoscopic Browlift Procedure

ASPS Publication - Plastic Surgery News, 2005.

Article on Ethnic topics in Plastic Surgery

Cardiovascular Emergencies, 1987.

Chapter by Dr. Rodriguez: "Injuries to Peripheral Vessels”

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Member of ASPS delegation to China, 2008

This was a cultural and scientific exchange between leading plastic surgeons of China and the U.S.

USLBA "Best of Local Business" Award, 2008

Selected for the 2008 Best of Award in the Cosmetic Surgery category by the U.S. Local Business Association (USLBA).

"Distinguished Service Award" from the ASPS, 2004.

In honor of contributions Dr. Rodriguez has made to the ASPS, presented at the Annual Meeting.

Dinner Invitation with Lady Diana, Princess of Wales, 1987

Royal College of Surgeons Royal Marsden Hospital - (Fellowship in Head and Neck Surgery, 1986-87) London, England

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