For long, thick eyelashes by Allergan - FDA approved!

  • Grow long, thick, and sexy lashes with Latisse!
  • Noticable growth at 4 weeks of treatment with full results in 16 weeks.
  • New Latisse is first and only FDA approved product for eyelash growth.
  • Brooke Shields is using Latisse!
  • 4 week supply is $120.


What are the side effects?


The most common side effects after using LATISSE® solution are an itching sensation in the eyes and/or eye redness, which were reported in approximately 4% of patients. These may occur immediately after use, but should usually last only for a short period of time. Eye itching and eye redness are not allergic reactions, and do not mean that your eyes are being harmed. LATISSE® solution may cause other less common side effects, which typically occur on the skin close to where LATISSE® is applied, or in the eyes. These include eye irritation, dryness of the eyes, and redness of the eyelids. Skin darkening (or hyperpigmentation) is another less common side effect. This condition causes areas of skin to become darker than the surrounding skin color, but has been reported to be reversible after discontinuation of the product.

Could LATISSE® cause the color of my eyes to change?

Increased brown iris pigmentation has occurred when similar medications were instilled directly into the eye to treat elevated intraocular pressure/glaucoma. Although iris pigmentation was not reported in clinical studies with LATISSE®, patients should be advised about the potential for increased brown iris pigmentation which is likely to be permanent. To reduce the risk, Latisse should only be applied to the upper eyelashes and not directly into the eye.

New and Established Patients

Since Latisse is a prescription product, you are required to complete new patient paperwork, review the Latisse product information, sign the Latisse consent form, and have a consultation. To schedule a consultation, please call 410-494-8100 or e-mail

Candidates for Latisse must meet the following criteria. Purchases can only be made if you agree to the following:

  1. No history of eye pressure problems or other eye problems
  2. No recent eye surgery
  3. Agree to use the product on upper eyelashes only as Latisse is FDA approved for this use only
  4. Agree to discontinue use if there is irritation or redness and see a doctor

To purchase your first Latisse Eyelash treatment kit, please complete the following:

  1. Send the following infomation to or fax to 410-494-0815. Your Latisse will not be shipped until ALL three of the items listed below are received and a consult with Dr. Rodriguez is completed.
  • Call the office to schedule a consultation.
  • Latisse Refills

    If you have not had any problems with your first Latisse Kit and have not had any changes in your medical history, you are eligible to refill your Latisse Kit. Please call the office at 410-494-8100 to make payment.

    Payment and Shipping

    After you have completed all the necessary forms, consents, and spoken with Dr. Rodriguez you will be able to purchase the product. Flat rate shipping is $10.00, which includes insurance coverage. Due to newly-issued Latisse regulations we cannot ship Internationally.