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Dr. Rodriguez discusses Plastic Surgery, Medicine, and Stem Cell Research

About Dr. Ricardo L Rodriguez

I am a Plastic Surgeon with over 25 years of experience in both the academic and private practice worlds. At my AAAASF surgery center where I serve as Medical Director, (Cosmetic Surgery Facility LLC, DBA Cosmeticsurg.net), I specialize in multiple procedure makeovers.

I am Board Certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery, and an active member of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, (ASPS). In 2016 I will serve as president of IFATS, a multidisciplinary research organization whose focus is the study of adipose tissue and adipose stem cells. For my own research activities, I was recently awarded an MSCRF grant to study invivo tracking of autologous adipose stem cells for the treatment of radiation damaged breasts. This study is registered at the ClinicalTrials.gov site.

My patients include medical professionals, actors and performers, diplomats, and people of all walks of life. I speak Spanish, French, and English, and I am happily married for 29 years with two beautiful children.

Learn more about my credentials here.

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Here are my most recent posts

Fat injections are long lasting if done correctly. That is my position and I stand by it! If you frequent various plastic surgery blogs, there is a big difference in the types of techniques that surgeons are using. Thus, there is a wide variation in their results, so many patients think that fat injections do not last.

Fat injections are permanent if the following is done:
1) correct technique of extraction and processing
2) proper post surgical protocol for patient.

Read more about it in my CosmeticSurg Blog. >> Continue reading Recipe for Permanent Fat Injections

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Why do some women get more cleavage with breast augmentation than others? There is a condition called ‘bird chest’ or pectus carinatum, which means that your chest wall is raised at the center. If you are considering breast enlargement, the type of breast implant you choose is important. Watch my video to find out which implant style I recommend for this type of hollow chest. >> Continue reading Some women get more cleavage naturally because of chest wall type

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The Health Care Reform Bill includes a 5% tax on cosmetic surgery procedures. Since 91% of all cosmetic surgery procedures are performed on women (2008 ASPS stats), this could be a discrimination against women. >> Continue reading Health Care Reform- 5% tax on Cosmetic Surgery Procedures

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If you are considering breast augmentation, don’t get too focused on a particular implant size. The shape of the implant will also play a big role in your implant selection! Watch Dr. Ricardo Rodriguez explain what the difference is between a 350cc high profile implant vs. a 350cc moderate profile implant. Dr. Rodriguez is a Yale trained, Board Certified Plastic Surgeon who has been in practice for over 20 years. Ask questions about implant selection at his CosmeticSurg blog. >> Continue reading Breast implant selection: Should you choose moderate or high profile implants?

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Lip augmentation-why do some people get duck lips?

Dr. Rodriguez explains why some people need a Lip Lift instead of a lip augmentation. Beautiful lips are identified by a nice cupid’s bow and having the perfect amount of space between your upper lip and your nose. Find out whether you need a lip augmentation or a lip lift with Dr. Ricardo Rodriguez on his CosmeticSurg blog. >> Continue reading Lip augmentation, duck lips, and lip lifts

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The primary goal of a face lift is to achieve a natural, refreshed appearance, not a ‘done’ look.
Dr. Ricardo Rodriguez, a Yale trained board certified plastic surgeon, explains more about achieving a great face lift and his unique approach. >> Continue reading Facelift: What are the goals of a great face lift?

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Many surgeons state that they are ‘board certified’. But, in what specialty? More importantly, is that specialty an approved specialty according to the American Board of Medical Specialties, ABMS?

Learn more about why Board Certification in an approved ABMS specialty is important by watching Dr. Rodriguez’s CosmeticSurg video blog. >> Continue reading Board Certification- In what specialty? and by whom?

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An emerging alternative for breast reconstruction after lumpectomy with radiation is fat grafting to the breast.
Fat grafting has been successfully performed for years, but the full healing powers of your own fat is a new frontier in Plastic Surgery. Read Dr. Rodriguez’s CosmeticSurg blog to find out more. >> Continue reading Lumpectomy Reconstruction: fat grafts to the breast

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What causes breast implant wrinkling in breast augmentation and how can you avoid it? Dr. Ricardo Rodriguez explains which implants are at higher risk and how the surgeon can plan the surgery to reduce the risk of visible implant ripples. Read about it in his CosmeticSurg Video Blog. >> Continue reading Breast Implant Wrinkling- What causes it and how to reduce risk?

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Plastic Surgery doesn’t have to be painful. If you are having a cosmetic surgery procedure ask your plastic surgeon about pain pumps. These types of pumps use local anesthetics, not narcotics. Pain pumps eliminate pain, reduce nausea, and result in much quicker recovery. Watch my CosmeticSurg blog to find out about why I think pain pumps in cosmetic surgery are great! >> Continue reading Pain Pumps: Cosmetic Surgery with Minimal Pain

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How do you achieve a flat stomach? Do you need more exercise or a tummy tuck? Find out about the rectus abdominis muscle and how to perform a self examination of this muscle. >> Continue reading Flat stomach: More Exercise or a Tummy Tuck?

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Micheal Jackson likely suffered with breathing problems from internal nasal valve collapse. Everyone’s familiar with the history of cosmetic surgery of the Michael Jackson’s nose – did he have Internal Nasal Valve Collapse? Dr. Rodriguez of Baltimore explains what he thinks happened. >> Continue reading Michael Jackson breathing problems- multiple rhinoplasties and internal valve collapse

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In order to get your desired surgical result for a rhinoplasty (nose surgery), you should explain the nose you want using certain descriptive terms with your plastic surgeon in your initial consultation. Dr. Rodriguez explains how surgeons think about the nose and what terms you should use to describe the things you want to change about your nose. >> Continue reading Rhinoplasty: How to describe what you want to your plastic surgeon

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Dr. Rodriguez, a Yale trained and Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, explains why IV anesthesia is preferable to general anesthesia for cosmetic surgery cases. Two cosmetic surgery patients give permission to be filmed in the recovery room, just minutes after they are transported from Dr. Rodriguez’s operating room. Watch the video to see how quickly patients recover from IV anesthesia. >> Continue reading Cosmetic Surgery Anesthesia - IV Anesthesia is great

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In Episode #3 of my CosmeticSurg Video Blog I discuss the difference between two types of liposuction: tumescent (suction) liposuction vs. laser/ ultrasonic assisted liposuction. If you are considering laser or ultrasonic liposuction you must watch this video to understand why these new technologies may not necessarily be as good as regular tumescent liposuction! >> Continue reading Tumescent Liposuction vs. Laser Liposuction : Which is the best?

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