360cc Implants through armpit incision

This patient chose round saline implants, placed under the muscle through an axillary incision, to compliment her small frame.

Gender Female
Age 20s
Ethnicity Caucasian
Implant Location under muscle
Implant Material Saline
Implant Shape round
Implant Size 350 cc
Implant Texture smooth
Incision Style Axillary
Recovery Time 2-7 days
360cc Saline Implants (front view)
360cc Saline Implants (side view)
360cc Saline Implants (angle view)

Dr. Ricardo Rodriguez performed Breast Augmentation on this woman in her 20's, who requested round and smooth 360cc saline implants for her small frame. He placed the implants under the muscle, through an incision made in the armpit area (axillary) in a surgery performed at GBMC hospital in Baltimore, Maryland.

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